QuickSynergy Server Troubles

Synergy allows one computer to control the keyboard and mouse of one or more other computers seamlessly, even if the computers are all running different operating systems. I am using my Mac laptop to drive my Mac and a Windows 7 laptop. When it is working it is a pretty sweet setup, but the configuration can be a little touchy.

Sometimes the Mac OS X server refuses to start. When it fails I see this message in /var/log/system.log on my Mac:

Oct  6 13:37:06 eagle [0x0-0xe4be4b].com.cordeiro.QuickSynergy[36223]: INFO: Synergy server 1.3.1 on Darwin 11.1.0 Darwin Kernel Version 11.1.0: Tue Jul 26 16:09:02 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1699.22.81~1/RELEASE_I386 i386
Oct  6 13:37:06 eagle [0x0-0xe4be4b].com.cordeiro.QuickSynergy[36223]: FATAL: unknown screen name `eagle.local'

It appears that QuickSynergy cannot resolve the name of my Mac for some reason, though I can ping it both locally and from another computer on the same subnet.

My Mac has both a wireless and a wired 1 Gbps link, by default, routes over the wired network.  When I disconnect and reconnect the wired network, the error from QuickSynergy goes away and netstat shows that Synergy is listening on the wireless network.  Since the client that connects does so through an ssh tunnel to localhost, it does not really matter.  It just seems strange that Synergy would be able to listen on the wireless network and not the wired network.

This problem requires more debugging, but for now I can make it work, so I’ll get back to what I wanted to do and figure it out later.


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